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How to make Soccer goals from plumbing supplies

16 Sep
Soccer goals

After my kids kicked the fold-away soccer goals to shreds in their renewed enthusiastic approach to the game after the Brazil World Cup, I had the option of buying new miniature soccer goals, or to build them some proper goals myself that would be a better size. My initial thought was to build the frames […]

Burst Water Pipes

15 Jul

We are frequently called out on emergencies to repair burst water pipes. Distressed homeowners and tenants call about water flooding out from under the vanity and completely soaking the floor. The majority of these situations arise from improper installation of braided water hoses under vanities and sinks without an isolation tap. It is essential that […]

What is an inspection shaft?

10 Jul

We frequently encounter inspection shafts that have been damaged by mowers, or in some rare instances drilled holes into. Inspection shafts are installed when homes are connected to public wastewater systems, and will often be located close to the junction point. It is used to inspect the sewage lines in cases of blockages. If the […]