What is an inspection shaft?

10 Jul

We frequently encounter inspection shafts that have been damaged by mowers, or in some rare instances drilled holes into. Inspection shafts are installed when homes are connected to public wastewater systems, and will often be located close to the junction point. It is used to inspect the sewage lines in cases of blockages. If the inspection shafts get damaged, storm water will flow into your sewerage. Cracked inspection shafts also allow vermin such as cockroaches, rats and mice to exit the sewerage system and roam your property. In addition, holes in the inspection shafts will allow scents of sewerage to escape and create an unpleasant aroma in your backyard.

Damaged Inspection Shaft

Inspection shaft damaged by mower

It is a homeowners responsibility to maintain the inspection shaft in working order and level to the surface. If your inspection shaft is damaged, call your local plumber to avoid further problems.
Never do this - ever!

Holes drilled into inspection shaft